10 Brilliant Youtube Workouts You Can Do As a Pregnant Mama

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Exercising has plenty of benefits in everyday life. But when you’re pregnant, exercising for even a few minutes a day can have an enormous payoff.

From relieving sciatica and morning sickness to easier labor, finding the best prenatal workout for you is an excellent idea.

To give you a head start, here are ten workouts you can follow along to on YouTube. Remember to always talk with your doctor before starting a new regime. Don’t force anything; do what feels best to you.

Many of these workouts can be done with no equipment at all, but an eco-friendly yoga mat is often a lot better than doing it on the bare floor.

1. 25-Minute Prenatal Bodyweight Workout

A frequent (and justifiable) complaint is that many women don’t own weights or can’t make it to the gym regularly.

However, BodyFit by Amy features an at-home workout that only uses your body weight as resistant to stretch and tone muscles. This particular workout is somewhat challenging, so many moms-to-be aim for conquering only half of the video initially.

The best part about the 25-Minute Prenatal Bodyweight Workout is that not only does it strengthen your body, but it also introduces specific movements that get your heart pumping. And if new moms need anything, it’s endurance—during labor and beyond!

2. Prenatal Yoga for Beginners: All Trimesters

When you’re looking for a tried and true pregnancy fitness routine, yoga is one of the most popular choices. For many reasons, yoga benefits the body and the mind in profound ways.

Feeling anxious about becoming a new parent? Try some yoga. Can’t sleep or having pregnancy pains? Get your yoga mat out, mama.

Riki Jones of PsycheTruth has produced a 20-minute yoga sequence that you can do during any stage of your pregnancy. It’s titled Prenatal Yoga for Beginners, and Riki offers in-depth guidance, so first-timers feel welcome.

Plus, instead of a pose-stop-pose-stop sort of workout, the sequence flows gently to help relieve tension, back pain, and even morning sickness.

3. 60-Minute Prenatal Yoga Flow

Once women get in the groove of yoga, many never get out of it. It’s that good! For moms-to-be who are ready for a more extended session, Yogi Andrea Bogart presents an hour prenatal yoga workout called 60-Minute Prenatal Yoga Flow.

This practice is specifically designed to strengthen your body through movement and increase mindfulness. She focuses on your breath and listening to your body, which helps to boost self-awareness and confidence.

4. 20-Minute Full-Body Pregnancy Workout

If you want a taste of yoga but still enjoy some variety, Anna Renderer hosts a POPSUGAR Fitness workout called 20-Minute Full-Body Pregnancy Workout.

She starts the routine with a few yoga stretches to help relieve back pain. Although you can do the exercises without any equipment or weights, she adds a resistance band later in the video.

With epic moves, such as “Sexy Confident Mama,” these exercises help to strengthen your body for birth and work to keep you pain-free throughout your pregnancy. The best part is that you can do this workout at any stage during your pregnancy.

5. Second-Trimester Prenatal Fitness HIIT Workout

Mommy blogger and personal trainer, Sarah Fit, hones in on HIIT workout for the second trimester. Besides this video, she has dozens of more sessions that focus on the first trimester and features plenty of modifications designed for the third trimester, too.

This particular video is the third in her second-trimester series and is titled Second-Trimester Prenatal Fitness HIIT Workout. She uses a leg band and hand weights for most of the workout. Some of her other go-to moves are squats, modified burpees, single-arm rows, and more.

The combination of exercises makes this workout somewhat challenging, so it’s not right for everyone. Depending on how you feel, you could save this video for an exceptionally good-feeling day!

6. 5-Minute Maternity Workout – Second Trimester, No Equipment Needed

Whether you already have kids to nurture or you’re carrying your first baby, it’s unlikely you have loads of time at your disposal.

After all, who does? Working out for 30-60 minutes might not be feasible for you at this point, and that’s okay. The 5-Minute Maternity Workout – Second Trimester will fit into your schedule perfectly!

This tiny mini-workout might be short-lived, but it packs a powerful punch. Full-time working mom, Heather Catlin, targets muscle groups to get your heart rate up in record time.

The upper-body doesn’t get as much love in this second-trimester video, although plenty of daily movements make up for that (i.e., picking up your kids).

7. 6-Minute Pregnancy Workout

An excellent workout video featuring Cassey from Blogilates is perfect for those who are short on time. In under ten minutes, you can conquer this prenatal routine. It’s titled 6-Minute Pregnancy Workout and focuses on Pilates moves.

Unlike high-impact workouts, this video helps you to strengthen your upper and lower body in more fluid-like motions. Also, Cassey focuses on moves that help to stabilize your balance, which tends to be a challenge the further along you are.

8. Prenatal Cardio Dance Workout

If doing “official workouts” isn’t your jam, it’s time to get your dance on with Keaira LaShae. In her Prenatal Cardio Dance Workout, she turns the fun up a notch by getting your muscles toned, heart pumping, and face smiling while you dance around your living room. Although this routine is low impact, it’s thrilling to follow along.

The best part about this video—aside from LaShae’s peppy personality—is that it’s ideal for women in their third trimester. She keeps things fun and easy, but highly effective for all trimesters. Many new moms keep this one around even after the baby is born.

9. Prenatal Cardio Workout

Keeping your heart pumping is often challenging during all three trimesters. When you’re finding it difficult to get out for your regular walk or can’t muster up the energy, legendary fitness expert, Denise Austin has an excellent solution.

In her Prenatal Cardio Workout, she focuses on boosting metabolism and burning calories. Not only is this routine low-impact, but it’s easy on your joints, as well.

You’ll challenge your core and work out your abs, all while enjoying a few, fun aerobic moves from home. There are also modified versions of the routine for when you feel like bumping it up or toning it down, too.

10. Gentle Prenatal Yoga Morning Routine

Many moms-to-be experience stiffness in the morning and pain in the hips throughout the entire day. Brett Larkin Yoga offers a 30-minute prenatal yoga workout for when you need help loosening up (literally) titled Gentle Prenatal Yoga Morning Routine.

It’s safe and suitable for all three trimesters and comes in especially handy during the later stages of your pregnancy.

Not only does this workout help to release tension from your neck and shoulders, but it also focuses on opening your hips and lower back. If you need to feel refreshed, this video is undoubtedly a go-to routine.

Working out during pregnancy doesn’t have to be boring or uncomfortable. By trying a handful of workouts, you can choose the ones that meet your needs the best!

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