Eco Mom’s Guide To The Best Organic Cotton Crib Sheets (2021)

best organic cotton crib sheets
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If you’ve already equipped your nursery with an organic crib mattress, getting a set of super-adorable organic crib sheets is the next logical step in creating your perfect non-toxic nursery.

Certified organic cotton crib sheets are surprisingly a bit hard to find. You can probably go to buybuy BABY and find some organic sheets, but the selection isn’t going to be the same from store to store.

We scoured the internet to compile this list of good, certified organic crib sheets that are super comfy, warm, non-toxic and safe.

Is buying organic cotton crib sheets worth it?

It depends.

They can be rather expensive compared to their non-organic counterparts, and for some parents, they can’t quite justify spending the extra money.

The main reason for buying organic sheets is that cotton is typically grown with a lot of pesticides.

The problem with this is two-fold:

  1. The massive amount of pesticides is wrecking havoc on our planet. In fact, 10% of total world-wide pesticide use is on cotton. If you’re an eco-conscious mama, this might be a big reason for you to go organic.
  2. We’re not sure how much pesticide residue stays on the cotton as it’s made into sheets. Since baby’s skin is in contact with the bedding for extended periods of time, this might be a concern.

If either of these two reasons are a concern to you, going with organic cotton crib sheets is the way to go.

Just be warned that you’ll be spending upwards to 2x the amount you might spend on non-organic sheets, but you’ll be able to sleep easy knowing that your baby is safe and not being exposed to any toxic chemicals.

Great choices for organic cotton crib sheets.

Rating: Best

Magnolia Organics

Crib Sheets
Crib Sheets

GOTS-certified and dyed with eco-friendly dyes. Their selection is a bit limited at the time of writing with many items sold out. Made in Portugal.

Rating: Best

Burt's Bees Baby

Organic Cotton Sheets
Organic Cotton Sheets

100% organic and GOTS-certified super-soft sheets that come in tons of different colors and patterns if you shop directly from their online store. These are a great choice for the budget-minded shopper.

Rating: Best


NYC Crib Sheets
NYC Crib Sheets

GOTS-certified cotton sheets in nice solid and modern colors. Oeuf is a luxury brand and therefore the sheets are on the expensive side, but should be high quality.

Rating: Best


Crib Sheets
Crib Sheets

They make some of our top organic crib mattress choices, and their crib sheets are a great choice, too. They only come in two colors: white and off-white.

They’re made in a GOTS-certified facility overseas, although as of this date we haven’t been able to discern exactly which country they’re made in. Also MADE SAFE certified.

Rating: Best


Crib Sheets
Crib Sheets

This is a great, eco-conscious brand that offers a line of gorgeous, modern sheets in modern, trendy colors. GOTS and MADE SAFE certified.

Rating: Best

Crate & Barrel

Crib Sheets
Crib Sheets

They offer a huge variety of organic cotton crib sheets at good prices. However, they don’t seem to be certified organic.

Great choices for organic flannel crib sheets.

Coyuchi – Price $38 – They also make an organic flannel crib sheet that comes in 2 colors.

Tadpoles – Price $35 for 2 – They make a line of organic flannel sheets that are available in neutral colors. The price is right for a set of two.

Magnolia Organics – Price $17.95 – This company also makes GOTS-certified organic sheets. Available in neutral and masculine colors.

Other materials (and why polyester is bad stuff)

Polyester – A cheap material that’s essentially plastic. You can find cheap crib sheets made of polyester, but they’re not recommended. It’s awful for our environment because it takes an eternity to biodegrade, and takes many more resources to manufacture compared to cotton and other better materials. Avoid.

Flannel – Can be made from either cotton or polyester, but go for organic cotton flannel only. It’s a great fabric because it’s durable, warm and breathable. Because of the way it’s made, flannel also won’t shrink in the washing machine (yes, it’s washer-friendly.)

Bamboo – In recent years, bamboo sheets and clothing have become popular. It’s a natural and renewable material, it looks beautiful when used in hard goods like bowls, and it’s developed this sort of eco-mama image. It’s great when used for hard goods, but there’s a problem when it comes to bamboo as a cloth material.

The process of turning bamboo into cloth takes a lot of chemicals and processing, and is not only awful for the environment, but there’s a big mystery as to the safety of the material as well. I wouldn’t recommend bamboo sheets for this reason.

Wrapping it up.

Do you have any questions about organic cotton crib sheets? Let us know in the comments section below.

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