10+ Excellent Organic & Sustainable Bedding Brands Offering Eco-Friendly Sheets

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Eco-friendly and organic bedding is an important part in putting together a conscious bedroom. But why should you choose organic bedding over cheaper, conventional cotton bedding? Let’s find out.

There are a few good reasons to choose organic bedding over non-organic (or even worse, polyester) bedding. But the reasons might not be what you expected.

In fact, it’s unclear how many pesticide residues remain on traditional cotton material, but its believed that organic cotton is better for those with sensitive skin. However, even if the end product isn’t a concern for you, there are other very good reasons why organic cotton is better than traditional cotton.

Cotton Production and Pesticides

The production of cotton accounts for 6% of the world’s use of pesticides, and 16% of the world’s insecticides. These chemicals are wrecking havoc on our planet, and every year, thousands of cotton farmers, often in 3rd world countries, are subjected to pesticide poisoning. (source)

It’s not clear how much pesticide residue remains on the finished bed sheets, but even if this isn’t a concern, pesticides have a grave effect on our planet and the farmers that grow our cotton.

Most of our cotton is grown in poorer countries like India and is chemically treated and harvested by hand without the use of protective gloves or masks. 20,000 people in developing countries die each year due to pesticides, according to the World Health Organization. There is also a link between pesticide use and developmental issues in children as well as birth defects. In fact, some of the chemicals used are banned in the US but are freely used overseas.

These chemicals are also polluting our lakes, rivers and other waterways. This in turn harms plants and animals, threatening our biodiversity and having unknown long term effects on our ecosystem.

Genetically Modified Seeds

The majority of conventional cotton is grown from GMO (genetically modified) seeds.

Besides the obvious reasons to dislike genetically modified seeds, there’s a much darker problem behind the use of GMO cotton seeds.

In 2014, The Guardian reported that since 1995, more than 270,000 Indian cotton farmers have committed suicide. This has been linked to the high price of GMO cotton seeds, which can cost more than four times the cost of non-GMO seeds, and also require irrigation and large quantities of fertilizer and pesticides. This all leads to heavy debts for many farmers, and a single failed crop can mean financial ruin.

What Makes Cotton Organic?

There are three simple criteria for cotton to be certified organic:

  1. It must be grown without the use of chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.
  2. The seeds cannot be treated with fungicides or insecticides.
  3. It must be grown on land that has been at least 3 years clean from the use of synthetic chemicals.

Three Certifications To Look For

There are three main certifications to look for when shopping for eco-friendly sheets. Let’s take a quick look at the three of them:

GOTS: The Global Organic Textile Standard recognizes that textiles are a vital material in our everyday lives. Their production has the capacity to affect the environment either positively or negatively depending on the processes used throughout the supply chain. GOTS guarantees that the materials in your fabrics are manufactured with environmentally and socially responsible standards. When a product has a GOTS certification, you know that your purchasing decisions are grounded in credible confirmation of environmental impact.

Made Safe®:  This program ensures that the product you’re purchasing meets rigorous third-party standards. When the label says Made Safe®, this demonstrates that the materials used are not linked or suspected to cause harm to humans, animals, or ecosystems. Their ever-evolving data base shows 6500 ingredients that are known to contain toxic chemicals, and help you avoid bringing that nonsense home.

OEKO-TEX®: When a product is marked with this certification, it means that the materials in question have gone through testing for harmful substances and came out clean on the other side. Criteria is updated each year as science progresses, keeping in mind that it can be difficult for customers and companies to stay current with all of the legal, social and environmental situations of the wide variety of materials that go into the products we use every day.

The 10 Best Organic Sheet Sets On The Market


Materials100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
SizesTwin – California King
Trial100 days
Price$89 – $199

Avocado is dedicated to creating bedding that is carbon negative, as they voluntarily offset over 100% of their emissions through projects such as the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. The company’s goal is to pursue innovation in the industry through sustainability and transparency, ensuring comprehensive traceability for each bale of cotton. 

They are committed to producing luxurious, high quality sheets that use only organic raw materials. This means that no herbicides, pesticides, or other harmful substances were applied during the growing process. With GOTS and Made Safe certifications, you can rest assured that your bed sheets are good for both you and the environment.


Materials100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
Made InFrance & Portugal
SizesTwin – King
Trial30 days
Price$28 – $598

Coyuchi is striving to create bedding that is completely circular in its life cycle. Every fiber used in their bed sheets is organically grown to leave a positive impact on the environment it comes out of, and they employ a traceable supply chain to turn accountability into action. They are actively reducing the need for raw materials through their 2nd Home Take Back™  Initiative, which recycles Coyuchi linens and also gives you 15% off of your next purchase. 

Every step of Coyuchi’s production process reduces environmental impact, conserving the planet’s ecosystems and improving health impacts for humans and the planet alike. 


Materials100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
Made InIndia
SizesTwin – California King
Price$75 – $139

The team at Happsy aspires to make better choices just like the people who shop with them. They are conscious of the hazards of sleeping on materials that are not made with the consumers’ best interests in mind, and want to provide a safer option. 

The natural materials they use are in line with nature, and do not apply chemicals that lead to long term damage. When you purchase bedding from Happy, you can rest assured that health and sustainability are the number one goal. 

Under the Canopy

Materials100% GOTS and OEKO-TEX Certified Organic Cotton
Made InUnknown
SizesTwin – California King
Trial60 days
Price$78 – $108

Under the Canopy’s sheet sets are made to be refreshingly crisp and cool using 100% organic cotton. Through their standard code of ethics, the company sources labor that is environmentally and community conscious while also completely avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and toxins. 

Affordability is also key so that their products can be more widely accessible, while employing sustainability in every step of the production process. By using Weltrack Authentic Fiber, Under the Canopy is committed to providing transparency in their supply chain. 


MaterialsOEKO-TEX certified eucalyptus & hemp
Made InUnknown
SizesTwin – California King
Trial7 days
Price$169 – $229

Buffy is uplifting the use of alternative materials for the betterment of the planet. By creating bed sets from responsibly grown materials, it’s possible to sink more carbon from the atmosphere while growing a naturally pest resistant crop. 

Hemp and eucalyptus promote biodiversity, which is great for ecosystem resilience. The fabrics they use are made from extra-long staple fibers, which means they will be inherently more durable over time. Not only are Buffy’s sheets some of the comfiest to sleep on, but at the end of their lifecycle they are compostable! 

By 2030, the company is dedicated to becoming a completely closed loop system. Their site highlights the annual impact report of milestones they’ve been hitting on their journey with sustainability.


MaterialsGOTS-certified cotton sateen
Made InCamarillo, California
SizesTwin – California King
Price$224- $436

PlushBeds is on a mission to manufacture sustainable bedding at an affordable price. They are certified with GreenGuard, GOTS and CertiPur, ensuring that only the most natural and high-quality materials are used. Their bed sets are shipped directly from factory to you, that way there is no middle-man, while additional carbon emitted by transportation is minimized. 

With PlushBeds, organic luxury is possible knowing that you can support a company whose goal is to make a positive impact on the environment.

Boll & Branch

Materials100% organic cotton
Made InIndia
SizesTwin – California King
Trial30 days
Price$169 – $298

Boll & Branch is creating the type of bed sheets we want to have around for a very long time – sustainability is the keystone of their company values. All of the middlemen are cut out, besides the third party certifications they use for ensuring the environmental health and safety of their raw materials. 

Their core ethics are strongly aligned with the practices they put out into the world, and their bed sheets are no different. Not only do they value sustainable growing practices, but they support the farmers behind the raw materials. By striving for manufacturing integrity, Boll & Branch ensures that human rights are at the forefront of the operation.


Materials100% OEKO-TEX certified organic bamboo
Made InUnknown
SizesTwin – California King
Trial30 days
Price$38 – $228

Ettitude is a company founded on environmental science and ethics. Not only are their bed sheets buttery soft and intrinsically comfortable, but their practices are transparently aligned with their core principles – sustainability and social responsibility. While organic cotton is a step above cotton that’s been treated with chemicals, Ettitude opts to use bamboo – as a crop, it conserves water usage and employs a closed loop system.

Their website lists a yearly report of environmental impact, and they are committed to partnering with companies globally recognized by third party auditors. In 2020, they were able to achieve carbon neutrality and continue to strive for these standards of excellence.


Materials100% Tencel™ Lyocell Oeko-Tex Certified eucalyptus fiber
Made InAustria
SizesTwin – California King
Price$99 – $179

If you’re looking for more options outside of organic cotton, Eucalypso has you covered. Not only does this company reduce its carbon footprint by conserving water and reducing the need for spraying chemicals on land, but they have also come up with a proprietary technology called Dreamwave™. This is a method for sewing eucalyptus fibers into the comfiest, softest, hypoallergenic fabric resulting in bed sheets that are great for both the environment and your skin. 

When you buy Eucalypso sheets, you’re saving 1,045 days worth of drinking water, 28 miles of driving emissions, and 342 square feet of land being farmed with pesticides.

Sol Organics

Materials100% GOTS-certified organic cotton
Made InIndia
SizesTwin – California King
Trial30 nights
Price$99 – $169

Not only does Sol Organics employ sustainable materials and practices in their super-soft, durable sheet sets, but they are competitively priced to expand access to environmentally friendly products. Their business model maintains the symbiosis where humans and ecosystems can work in tandem  with one another. 

Since 2010, Sol Organics has been bringing ethical integrity to the world of textiles. The result is that you can get in bed knowing that your purchasing power is adding to a sustainable and transparent marketplace. 

In Conclusion

Traditional cotton is harmful to our environment, the farmers that grow it, and our plant and wildlife. Making the switch to eco-friendly alternatives like organic cotton and hemp is an excellent choice, and any of the brands featured above are safe bets for bedding you’ll love to sleep in.

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