The Truth About Babyganics: Greenwashing & Deception

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We have a major beef with the popular brand Babyganics.

Even just starting with the name, you might clearly think that the brand is organic, but if you think so, you would be very wrong.

Their name is only the beginning of the deception. They’re a great example of greenwashing—the act of tricking consumers into believing products are environmentally-friendly and non-toxic when they, in fact, aren’t.

Despite the name and claims about organic ingredients along with the literally green-colored packaging, most Babyganics products are actually full of synthetic and even harmful ingredients that are anything but organic.

In fact, in November 2018, a judge formally granted approval of a class-action lawsuit against the brand over false advertising claims centered around their use of terms like “organic ingredients.”

Recently, a story circulated on social media about the ingredients in their sunscreen. People were shocked to learn that the sunscreen contains toxic chemicals because the brand markets itself as being organic and natural.

Who could blame them? Babyganics is a brand that does a lot to make you think that their products are organic and safe, but there are some shady ingredients lurking inside.

Greenwashing Example #1: Their Sunscreen

Let’s take a look at a popular Babyganics product: their sunscreen cream and spray.

While this might look like a lovely organic product, it actually contains octisalate as an active ingredient. This ingredient is not only toxic to our marine life and absorbs into the skin but has been linked to immune effects and allergenic effects.

The spray-on version includes octinoxate, a chemical that’s been linked with endocrine disruption, organ system toxicity, and reproductive organ disruption in both males and females. It also has octocrylene, a strong allergen for children that can result in dermatitis. Both of these chemicals are toxic to our oceans as well.

This goes along with a laundry list of synthetic chemicals like phenoxyethanol, a preservative linked to skin irritation, and many more non-natural chemicals.

They have other sunscreens that have various other iffy ingredients. This brand is far from being “organic”.

For a much better list of truly non-toxic and safe sunscreens, check out our full list.

Greenwashing Example #2: Their Lotion

Their lotions are another example of products with bad ingredients.

Like their sunscreen, this one contains some toxic chemicals like sodium hydroxide (lye), and ceteareth-20, an ingredient that in itself is safe but is often contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, a known animal carcinogen.

Like the sunscreen, it also contains phenoxyethanol.

Beware of Greenwashing Companies Like Babyganics

It’s easy to be fooled by a company like Babyganics. Everything from the name, to the packaging, to the marketing might trick you into believing that the brand is organic and non-toxic.

As consumers, we have to be proactive in doing research on products, brands and ingredients. It’s so easy to be tricked by marketing.

You can look at virtually any Babyganics product and find iffy chemical ingredients that are far from organic or natural.

Other toxic ingredients we found in Babyganics products include benzalkonium chloride in their hand wipes (linked to immune system issues, skin allergies, etc.), nondescript fragrance, which can include a large number of mystery chemicals, aluminum in their sunscreen sticks, which have been linked to breast cancer when used in deodorants, and more.

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  • Avatar photo
    Jule Peukert

    OMG – thank you for this article!!! Right now, my 10 year old son has a horrific rash everywhere and only where this exact sunscreen was applied. I have used their products for years now and I’m devastated about being lied to and duped into spending more money on products I thought were the best for him all-the-while compromising my son’s current and future health! I am outraged actually!!! I reached out to them about this horrific rash and over 36 hours have passed and they keep saying “someone from their safety & medical team will reach out” but so far, crickets! We live in Japan, on an Army base – who is selling the products – spent $100 on a hospital visit and 10g of a cream for what the doctor thought was viral. I brought the tube of sunscreen to the hospital thinking it very well could be the culprit and she didn’t even look at it probably because of the language barrier ( printed in English ) …. She never touched my son, just stared at the red inflammation with pronounced and horrible bumps with her arms folded and then deemed it a virus??? He has no fever, no sore throat, no cough, no abdominal pain – sleeping and eating as normal with a horrible itch and hot skin where the rash is.

    • Avatar photo
      Staff Guide

      Hi Jule. Wow, that’s so awful to read, I’m really sorry about that – I hope his rash goes away soon. 🙁 How long have you been using the sunscreen?

  • Avatar photo
    Amber Zavala

    I experienced something different but with the sunscreen I used on my daughter at one year old and two years old and realize that both times that I put it on she would come back in like she had an awful sunburn but she was only outside for five minutes with sunscreen on she ended up having a fever the rest of the day burning up and then all into the next day and I couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on I was thinking that maybe she was having a reaction to the sun we were in Arizona it was the weirdest thing ever my daughter was already diagnosed with the fact malformation of her tongue but then I researched on the sunscreen and seeing other peoples reactions so I guarantee that’s exactly what it was from please don’t use this product!!!

  • Avatar photo
    Denise Kincaid

    Our nine year old broke out in a horrible rash that he’s still recovering from after several showers, and it was only in the areas where we applied this sunscreen. And it was the first time we used it so I came online to research.

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