All Of Byoma’s Skincare Products Are Now Refillable – Here’s Why That’s A Big Deal

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A growing mountain of non-recyclable waste is a problem for every industry. But the beauty world, in particular, needs to take action. That’s why skincare brand Byoma, which champions sustainability, has launched a new range of refills.

Every year, the beauty industry produces around 120 billion units of packaging. Most of that isn’t recyclable. Enter one simple solution: support consumers not to throw away packaging at all.

The refillable beauty market is growing, and new skincare brand Byoma appears to be leading the way.

What is Byoma?

Launched earlier this year, Byoma formulates products specifically designed to support the skin barrier. It was created by Marc Elrick, the founder of Future Beauty Labs, a “clean beauty” incubator, which, alongside Byoma, is responsible for brands like Tan-Luxe, Isle of Paradise, and Tanologist.

While Better Goods hasn’t officially reviewed Byoma’s claims and ingredients, the brand’s website states that its formulas are fragrance-free, alcohol-free, vegan, oil-free, and tested and approved by dermatologists.

As well as the skin barrier, the brand prioritizes sustainability. Its entire product range (which includes a Clarifying Serum, a Creamy Jelly Cleanser, a Moisturising Gel Cream, and more) is now accompanied by refillables, which are sold on Cult Beauty.

Unlike the original versions of the products, the refills come without things like droppers and pumps, for example, which are incredibly difficult to recycle in mainstream facilities. The packaging for the refills is, of course, recyclable.

The growing refillable beauty market

The beauty industry’s waste problem is huge, and refillable packaging isn’t a perfect solution. One problem, for example, is the fact that it relies on consumers actually choosing to refill and recycle the products properly.

But offering refill choices is a step in the right direction, and it’s becoming more popular. According to the NPD Group, the refillable prestige beauty product market has reached a value of £34 million (around $38 million in USD).

With her new self-titled skincare line, fashion designer Stella McCartney also ensured all of the packaging was refillable, reusable, recycled, or recyclable. She told Glamour that she finds the reduced environmental impact offered by refillable packaging “very cool.”

McCartney said: “If you refill once, you lower your impact on climate change by a third, if you refill twice – it’s by half and you can also use the refill on its own, reducing the impact by two-thirds.”

Byoma’s refillable range is available now on Cult Beauty.

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