Canada Proposes New Restrictions on Talc in Personal Care Products

talc canada restrictions
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The Canadian government is proposing new restrictions on the use of talc in cosmetic and personal care products due to the possibility of lung damage and carcinogenicity.

The Chemicals Management Plan, an arm of the Canadian government, has completed their assessment of talc, a common ingredient in many consumer care products.

The study concluded that talc may be harmful to the lungs when inhaled, and may cause ovarian cancer when used in feminine hygiene products. As a result of this study, the government is proposing restrictions to help manage the risk of these products.

The full assessment report has been published online on, and is open for public comment until June 23, 2021.

The report states that ingesting talc, or skin contact with products such as paper, paint or ceramics that contain talc is not dangerous. The government also considers talc safe in pressed powder makeup, dry shampoo, food powder, and other similar products.

Canada currently restricts talc in products meant for babies and young children, in particular baby powder. Warning labels are mandated for such products, and the new guidelines will expand warnings on products that come into contact with the female genital area, such as bath bombs, body wipes, bubble bath products, and feminine hygiene products.

While we believe the restrictions should go beyond simply adding warning labels to products, this is nevertheless a step forward in protecting the public from harmful ingredients in our personal care products.

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