Izzy Launches World’s First Zero-Waste Mascara

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Izzy Zero Waste Beauty is the world’s first reusable, sustainable and direct-to-consumer beauty brand. They launched this month with their first product, a mascara shipped in stainless steel tubes meant to be cleaned, refilled and reused over 10,000 times.

The company runs on a direct-to-consumer subscription service, where users can opt into a paid membership where they’ll receive a new sterilized mascara in the mail every three months. One-off purchases are also an option for those that want to trial the service without a full commitment.

The brand promises a fully zero-waste product, where even the mailers are reusable. Customers are asked to return the shipping mailer with the included prepaid label as soon as they receive their product. Failure to do so will incur a $5 restocking fee to incentivize a fully zero-waste cycle.

“As a Millennial mom, I wanted to provide my daughter with truly sustainable beauty options, ones that would go beyond the standards of the current clean movement. By 2050, the oceans are projected to contain more plastic than fish. If we want to give our children a fighting chance tomorrow, then we need to do something radical about reversing this cycle today. It’s about doing the right thing and looking beautiful doing it!”

Shannon Goldberg, Izzy founder

The subscription model makes it possible for customers to receive a new mascara, return the old one in the reusable mailer, where the empty tube is empties, cleaned and refilled to be sent out to a new customer.

The brand also pomises to donate a portion of proceeds (it’s unclear how much) to three foundations: The National Forest Foundation, which addresses forest conservation and responsible recreation efforts; Her Justice, which provides free legal counsel to women in poverty; and Pencils of Promise, which provides access to education in developing-world countries.

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