REN, Herbivore & Caudalie Pledge To Go Zero-Waste By 2025

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This week, a group of popular skincare brands lead by REN—Herbivore, Biossance, Caudalie and Youth to the People—made the pledge to go zero-waste by 2025. This means all five brands will develop packaging that can be recycled or reused, or will contain recycled materials.

The consortium is lead by REN’s CEO, Arnaud Meysselle, with the aim of tackling the environmental crisis surrounding packaging waste. Industry reports state that approximately 70% of packing materials end up in landfills in the United States.

“We were hugely inspired to be met with such shared enthusiasm for a common sustainability purpose and shared values by clean brands we’re proud to now call our allies. Taking action to reduce waste in the beauty industry is a challenge; together we can share ideas and pioneer new solutions to reduce packaging waste while raising awareness and inspiring other brands to join us with their sustainability efforts. It is the sharing of the knowledge of the collective that has the power to make a real, meaningful and scalable difference.”

Arnaud Meysselle, CEO REN Clean Skincare

The announcement was originally planned for April 2020, but was postponed due to the global pandemic.

The consortium has joined in virtual brainstorming workshops to come up with solutions for sample sachets (the announcement to be made in July), shipping boxes, packaging, and even in-store and promotional materials like signs and pamphlets. The goal is to come up with zero-waste solutions for all of these materials.

The pledge covers all products, including sample and travel size products. Approximately 122 billion sample sachets are produced every year, none of which are recycled or reused, so this is a major step forward.

This unique collaboration between competing skincare brands marks an important step forward in the zero-waste and conscious shopping market. Although the deadline is set for 2025, the brands intend to meet their goal or come close to it before then.

“In this industry, packaging means luxury; the more packaging, the more luxurious. But we are shifting the paradigm here to say, ‘No, packaging equals waste,’” said Meysselle. “My wish is that luxury beauty brands will follow suit at some point. You can see more mass-market brands are moving [toward sustainability], but not high-end luxury beauty.”

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